Summer Sport Series

Join the Fun on Friday Nights!

Youth Bowlers Welcome!
JUNIOR GOLD QUALIFYING for the 2021-2022 Championships

Starting May 21, 2021 and ending August 13th, 2021

Tournament Formats Include: Beat the Board, Bracket, & Eliminator

$30.00 Cash Buy In ($25.00 for USBC Certified Members) - 3 Games Guaranteed
Registration Starts at 6:30 PM - Tournament Play Starts at 7:00 PM.

2021 Schedule

05/21 – 2009 Masters

05/28 – 2007 London International

06/04 – 2019 PBA Dragon

06/11 – Broadway v2

06/18 – Beijing                  

06/25 – 2012 Asian Championships        

07/09 – 2019 Billy Hardwick

07/16 – 2012 Bowlers Journal

07/23 – Winding Road v2

07/30 – 2013 Badger

08/06 – 2016 Danish Trios

08/13 – Boardwalk v2


This is a USBC Certified, handicapped event intended to promote practice and learning in a fun and competitive environment.


  • Bowlers may purchase their 2021-2022 Standard USBC Membership through the Tournament Series. $10.00 for Youth & $26.00 for Adults. These will be processed through Greater Denver USBC.
  • Tournaments will run on Friday nights from May 21 through August 13, 2021.
  • Weekly Tournament patterns are listed on the front side and will posted the Wednesday prior to each tournament, both in center and on our website (
    • Handicap will be figured at 85% of 230. Maximum Handicap will be 90 pins. Average Determination will be the bowlers highest posted average on over the last 3 seasons converted to Sport average.
    • Bowlers without a posted average may enter with a 230 average.
  • Check-In will start at approximately 6:30 PM with a ten-minute practice period starting at 7:00 PM.
  • Weekly entry fee will be $30.00 with a $5.00 discount for USBC Certified bowlers.
    • Lineage will be paid at a rate of $2.50/game.
    • 100% of remainder will be Prize Fund.
  • Youth bowlers are welcome!
    • All youth bowlers will be required to have a signed Prize Fund Waiver on file. All Youth bowler winnings will be paid in the form of scholarships.
    • Scholarships will be held in the USBC SMART program.
    • Optional Junior Gold Qualifiers will be held for U12, U15, U18 & U20. Boys & Girls divisions may also be offered if there is enough interest.
    • Bowlers must be Junior Gold members prior to entering the Junior Gold Qualifier. Membership may be purchased on site before the start of the event. Membership fees are: U12-$10.00; U15/U18/U20-$30.00.
    • All 3 games of qualifying round with scratch soring will determine final placement. In the event of a tie, High scratch game will be used to break the tie.
    • Re-Entries are not allowed in the Junior Gold Qualifier.
    • Junior Gold advancement will be at the ratio of 1:8 or major fraction thereof.
  • Weekly Tournament Format will be determined based on number of entries.
    • 0-11 entries: Format will be a 5 game Beat the Board.
    • 12-31 entries: Format will be Eliminator/Bracket/Etc. 3 game qualifying round, cutting to top 8.
    • 32+ entries: Format will be Eliminator/Bracket/Etc.  3 game qualifying round, cutting to top 16.
  • Weekly Tournament Payout will be at a 1:8 ratio.

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